Darke County

Darke County Agricultural Society’s Board of Directors Election

The Darke County Agricultural Society recently held elections for its board of directors, resulting in a mix of new and returning members. With only one incumbent securing a spot, the elections have brought fresh perspectives to the organization. The winners of the election have a range of backgrounds and experiences, reflecting the diverse interests of the community.

Incumbent Member:

Marla Werner, the sole incumbent returning to the board, received 270 votes and secured the third position. As the treasurer of the organization, Werner has advocated for inclusivity initiatives, particularly for individuals with disabilities. She has also championed the Junior Fair Board’s Hearts of Darke County program and played a role in establishing facilities such as an adult changing table and a quiet room.

New Additions to the Board:

Christoph Keller garnered the highest number of votes, earning him a three-year term on the board. His overwhelming support with 340 votes reflects the community’s confidence in his potential contributions. Apollo Perez, securing 274 votes, will serve a two-year term. Perez’s victory was notable as he outperformed an incumbent board member, Brian Rismiller, who had been appointed in the previous winter.

Returning Directors:

Three directors who were appointed earlier in the year were elected to return to the board. Russell Skaggs, with 273 votes, and Curtis Yount, with a successful bid for a three-year term, bring their respective strengths to the organization. Craig Bowman, who garnered the highest number of votes overall (351), has been integral to the development of the harness racing program for the fair.

Unsuccessful Candidates:

Several candidates who sought positions on the board were unsuccessful in securing seats. Former board president Douglas Martin received 194 votes, while Holly Daugherty, Kathleen Ditmer, and Allen Pierron earned 148, 122, and 106 votes respectively. These candidates were vying for three-year terms, except for Brian Rismiller, who sought a two-year seat.


The recently concluded elections for the Darke County Agricultural Society’s board of directors have brought a blend of continuity and fresh perspectives to the organization. With an incumbent returning alongside new faces, the board will likely benefit from a diverse range of experiences and ideas. The winning candidates’ commitment to inclusivity, community engagement, and the fair’s development bodes well for the society’s future endeavors.